GLOBAL LNG BUSINESS: Capacity Utilization and Development

Building LNG experienced a dynamic 2017, especially in the Asian mammoths in the face of China, India and Pakistan. With global trade Supply ramped up at projects spanning the globe, from the United States to Australia, and LNG found new markets in a diverse array of countries. At the same time, delays and plant outages … More GLOBAL LNG BUSINESS: Capacity Utilization and Development

Revolutionary LNG Technologies: FLNG and FSRU

FLOATING LNG (FLNG) FLNG is a novel technology that allows a vessel with liquefaction capability to tap directly into remote offshore fields and load it directly onto an LNG carrier, avoiding the need of building expensive underwater pipeline infrastructure. FLNG can vary in size, from very small modular units of 0.7 bcm per year to … More Revolutionary LNG Technologies: FLNG and FSRU

Petrochemicals : The new Upsurging Industry

Charles Darwin’s evolutionary theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ is a way of describing mechanism of natural selection, but when it comes to industries, ‘Survival through innovation and up gradation’ is the only applicable theory for sustainability. There have been quite some examples of companies like Kodak and BPL, who being the market leader at … More Petrochemicals : The new Upsurging Industry

Is Carbon Capture the future?

The world is still looking for cost-effective methods of reducing greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. With the signing of the Paris Agreement, countries have realized the importance of curbing the rise of global temperatures by two degrees. Although the world has focused on shifting towards renewable sources of energy, one must contemplate the emissions produced by non-OECD … More Is Carbon Capture the future?

SPM Annual Fest 2018

School of Petroleum Management organized SPM Annual Fest 2018, the most awaited awe-inspiring national event providing an unparallel platform to emblazon a future leader’s diverse aptitudes in the pool of management confronts, athletics, craftsmanship and convivial with a quirky twist. The inaugural ceremony of the SPM Annual Fest on 18th January’2018 graced with the presence … More SPM Annual Fest 2018


It is one of the financial instrument in which trader bets certain amount or security and the outcome will either he will get fixed amount or security or lose all the investment. You can play binary option on “ IQ OPTION”. How it works? Suppose you decided to trade in USD/CAD. The present price is … More BINARY OPTIONS