SPM Annual Fest 2018

School of Petroleum Management organized SPM Annual Fest 2018, the most awaited awe-inspiring national event providing an unparallel platform to emblazon a future leader’s diverse aptitudes in the pool of management confronts, athletics, craftsmanship and convivial with a quirky twist.

The inaugural ceremony of the SPM Annual Fest on 18th January’2018 graced with the presence of Mr. B B Chauhan, Managing Director, Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation (GETCO). Mr. Chauhan with his kind words encouraged the students to become a part of the fest and shared his experience.

The SPM Annual Fest had a bang-on start with a pre-event, Showcase Flea Market which had an array of fun and exciting stalls. The market was filled with food stalls and fun games. The quirky stalls, colorful clothes, mouth-watering food proved entertaining attractions in their own right. SPM Annual Fest 2018 took things to a greater confluence of budding managers, industry veterans as well as sports enthusiasts. The fest had various competitions under the category of Catalyst, Reprise, Energy Cup and Chal Dhal. The Participants participated in the event with not only full enthusiasm and zeal to win the competition but also with the anxiety of knowing the new perspectives and dimensions in various sectors.

Catalyst, The Management Quest provides a platform to showcase the management savoir-faire amongst the strives. A nurturing ground of business and management events concentrating all major domains i.e., HR, Finance, Marketing, and Operations. The events Quiz Bizz, Knitty Gritty, Shram Shakti, Touch etc were part of Catalyst’2018.

The Marketing and Branding Quiz competition  “Quiz Bizz” under the category CATALYST was conducted on 19th January 2017.The B-quiz intended to develop a business acumen by keeping abreast of the current business affairs and hones your management skills. This Quiz is to analyze the business know-how through a confluence of sharpest young minds as well as noted industrialists across different sectors. The first round was logo Identification and second two were business awareness. It was an amalgamation of fun and wit.

SPM Annual Fest’s one of the creative events under the category of CATALYST  Knitty-Gritty in which students showcased the Creative and Innovative advertisements on various brands and products. It was an attempt to incite the marketing whizz in students to come up with the ideas that really stand out from the crowd, the ideas that are really out of the box, something that makes laugh, talk about it or at least makes you look twice. Participants with their prolific ideas and creativity amazed everyone.

“Touch” was an event organized with a motive to spread hope. The event helped participants to grow with the people and understand their way of working. Learning from NGOs and seeking the ways to overcome social evils that inflict today lives an develop a strong footing in this new emerging CSR sector and to grab opportunities in this sector.

Human Resource is integral to every organization, nevertheless devoid of intricacies. Shram Shakti an event Catalyst provided hands-on exposure to these nuances of HR by the medium of a comprehensive case study.

Reprise, The Cultural Fest is a spectacular aesthetic opportunity which endeavors to bring forth the inner flair and provides a platform to exhibit finesse in front of millions. Different fun competitions were organized to lighten the atmosphere and increase the ardor of participants.

“Gravity” was a fun event testing their skills to think on their toes. Contestants were asked to defy the rule of gravity in every aspect.

“SnapHunt” deals with finding clues in the campus and taking snaps along with the clue (Selfie) and promoting the event by Instagram /Facebook live. The event had different team of 2 members with one member taking a snap with the clue and other person doing the Instagram live part. It had 3 rounds with duration of 20mins,30mins and 40mins respectively. With every round, difficulty level increased.

Managers got Talent of SPM Annual Fest witnessed heights of talent among students. Vibes of enthusiasm, excitement, and exuberance radiated everywhere. The show portrayed a huge variety of talent ranging from singing, dancing, mimicry, and all one can think of.

Energy Cup, The Sports Extravaganza, is a Mega sports event featuring fierce competition in different sports viz cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, throw ball etc, encouraging participation full of hustle and bustle of budding managers from leading B-Schools as well as corporate across the length and breadth of the country.

Chal Dhal, The Fashion Fiesta, the fashion show event is a visual treat and highlight of every fest. The event was an inter-college Fashion show competition on a given theme. Participants walked the ramp, showcasing the spirit of Glamor not only in their attitude but also in their attire. The theme of the event was 70’s Fashion.

The Annual Fest was a huge success and participants had a lot fun and learnings. The organising committee too had the opportunity to enhance their managerial skills. The four day fest would be remembered by everybody.


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